At a recent conference I was fortunate to give a message to our entire management staff. Here are seven tips for success in sales that I shared with them that can be applied to any sales positions.

1. Visualization

Can you see it? Can you feel it? Do you know what your goal will feel like when you hit it? I already know what it feels like for the South Denver office to sell $1,500,000 of CUTCO for the summer and $2,500,000 for the year. In my mind, we’ve already done it, accepted it, and celebrated it at least 100 times since January. Now I just have to execute, and execution is easier when the visualization has given me confidence.

2. Energy

Eating the right food is important. Food is fuel. Think about the fuel you put into your body. Sleeping is important. There is a difference between getting enough sleep to function and enough sleep to perform at your peak level. Exercise is important. It’s one of the easiest things to skip. Blood flow to your body improves blood flow to your brain. Your body can’t operate at its peak without exercise and movement.

3. Run Your Own Race

Don’t worry about the standings, the trophies or the contests. Be the best version of yourself. Create the best version of your business. You can’t control what other people do. But you can control what you do and hope that your best efforts beat their best efforts on the sales report.

4. Welcome Challenges

Challenges are good. They keep life interesting. You don’t grow from success. You don’t learn from success. You grow and learn from failure, and that learning and growth allows you to succeed. Laugh at the challenges! Bad things are good. They make great stories!

5. Win the Day

There are roughly 100 days of summer. Win every day. Play hard and be excellent. You can do ANYTHING for just 100 days. Have energy, passion, conviction, enthusiasm, drive, determination, perseverance, and fun for 100 days.

6. Never Get Complacent

Complacency is the enemy of consistency. Have a positive sense of anxiety and a positive sense of dissatisfaction. Every week (month or quarter) after the sales are closed, you are right back at zero. Keep that edge of nervousness to always grow and always move forward with a mild sense of urgency to combat complacency.

7. Never Give Up

Napoleon Hill wrote the book Think and Grow Rich. He found that almost every one of the wealthy men he interviewed had achieved their great success just one step beyond what appeared to be their greatest failure. Welcome challenges and obstacles because that is what life is made of. No one will ever criticize you for giving 100% of your energy and effort and failing. Criticize comes when you give up or lack putting in effort.

In fact, failing but having a smile on your face the entire time, laughing at adversity, staying positive and working hard until the very last day will get you more respect than putting up big numbers with no adversity.

Success is out there if you want it. Go get it.