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Mike Abramowitz

Meet Mike

Mike Abramowitz has some impressive stats: He’s in the top 500 Vector Marketing sales representatives of all time, and has more than $5.5 million in sales as a manager.

Oh, and his book, G.R.A.B. Tomorrow: Your Best Year Ever, was a bestseller in several Amazon categories when it was released in April of 2015.

Here, Mike talks about how he went from an overweight, insecure kid in New Jersey to a rockstar author, speaker and influential Vector district manager. And how you can achieve your personal best, too.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

MA: My proudest accomplishment is the internal revelation that I am here to serve others while becoming the best version possible of myself. I choose to believe that goals are checkpoints on the road towards success, but success is measured by who I become in the process of achieving those goals. Therefore success is a journey, not a destination.

As I work to achieve goals surrounding travel, businesses, health, relationships, money, and other tangible accomplishments, the largest accomplishment of all has been the intangible understanding that as long as I continue to serve others, I will succeed. My life’s mission is to create a better tomorrow for my community by developing young people as leaders outside of the classroom.

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What have been your keys to success?

MA: My keys to success are:

1. Learn how to sell. Sell others on my ideas, sell myself to take action, sell products and services.

2. Create long-term goals that bring meaning to my wheel of life. Relationships, health, finances, time, career, emotions, celebration and contribution.

3. Create short-term goals that align with my long-term goals.

4. Use a planner and create daily and weekly organized to-do lists that are in alignment with my short-term and long-term goals.

5. Journal daily to capture my emotions, both positive and negative, in order to gain clarity each day.

6. Make sure that my intent is to serve others first. Servant leadership has proven to be a key ingredient in helping me get closer to my goals because it puts me in a selfless state when I give.

What advice would you give to young salespeople?

MA: The advice I would give to young salespeople is to not operate your life through fear.  Many people approach life with a fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of losing love, fear of loneliness, or a fear of the unknown. But the most successful people in the world have faced all of these obstacles! These obstacles are necessary on the journey to success.

Understand that those fears do not serve you. Change the stories that you have inside of your head.  You need empowering beliefs!  For example, rejection is not real and rejection is not failure.  If a customer says no, I did not have the sale before I asked and I don’t have the sale afterwards. My life didn’t get worse. We either stay the same or make progress forward. Control your fears and you control your life!

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Tell us something random or quirky about you.

MA: I grew out an afro during my freshman year of college and had a friend put cornrows in so I could play a prank on my parents about how much college has changed me. I came home wearing baggy jeans, a long jersey, a silver medallion hanging from my neck, and a bandana. I looked like I grew up on 8 Mile with Eminem!