Girl Scouts Are Tougher Than Us: What We Can Learn from Rejection

Girl Scout Feature

Every year in the early spring, the Girl Scouts come out to peddle their little boxes of goodness … I mean, cookies. They stand in their uniforms outside of grocery stores at the tables and in wee voices ask, “Do you want some cookies?”

And I always, always, always, say “NO.”

What a mean lady! Nah, they hear “no” about a million times a day. I’m confident that more people say “no” than “yes,” but the girls just keep on asking with the same amount of enthusiasm all day long. What fantastic little role models for the rest of us!

Every “no” brings you closer to a “yes”

You really have to hand it to the Girl Scouts. They know something that should be taught to the masses in school. In life, you’ll ask for a lot of things. And most of the time, you’ll be told “no.” But don’t stop asking.

And in sales, you’ll ask for the order many, many, many times. And many, many of your prospects will say “no.” That doesn’t mean that no one will buy. It just means THAT PERSON isn’t going to buy … today.

Meme 01_Not buying today

So for the next customer, the same sales pitch should be done with the same amount of enthusiasm as the first, because it’s a brand-new customer and a brand-new opportunity to get a “yes.”

It’s not just about sales. Life is about rejection, negotiation, and asking again.

Sometimes hearing “no” beats us down, but every day is a chance to try again. Every “no” gets you one ask closer to a “yes,” and one closer to a BIG YES.

Be as confident at Superman

A while back, I interviewed with other companies to explore some other opportunities. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed what I was doing, but I was a tiny bit burned out so I was considering a change.

Some companies didn’t think I was the right fit. Others made offers but I turned them down because they weren’t really better than what I had.

Then I was offered a promotion here at Vector. Even though it didn’t feel good at the time, I’m glad that a few companies said “no” to me and that I said “no” to the others. (Mutual rejection, I guess?) A bigger opportunity for me was just around the corner.

Meme 02_Try again REV

Psychologically speaking, it’s hard to get past the negative feelings of rejection that come with the answer “no.” Learning how to let a “no” roll right off of your back and keep asking at an early age is one of the best “skills for life” that anyone can learn. (Like Girl Scouts and Knife Sellers.)

Do you remember this scene where Superman deflected bullets with his chest? When you can walk toward rejection the way Superman walks toward those bullets, you’ll rule the world. Nothing will stop you. NOTHING. So get some rejection! And maybe some Girl Scout cookies, too!