A Vector Alum's Perspective: Nick Conedera, Filmmaker, Artist

What does selling knives have to do with being a filmmaker or artist?

According to filmmaker Nick Conedera,

I would not have been able to raise that kind of money... without my experience selling CUTCO®.

On the surface selling CUTCO® might not seem like relevant work experience for an aspiring artist. However, learning how to tactfully influence others is a skill that is applicable to any job in any field.

Selling CUTCO® was relevant to Conedera's work as a filmmaker in the following ways:


At it's core, fundraising is sales. Learning how to articulate an idea clearly and passionately in a way that moves others to depart with their resources is a skill that translates in any profession.


Learning how to create and manage a schedule so that work gets done on time is better to learn sooner than later. The freedom that college affords many people who are on their own for the first time can quickly spiral out of control if they don't know how to effectively manage their time.


Without knowing how to budget, any money that's raised or earned can quickly be spent. Learning how to effectively budget money will show what money needs to be spent, and what money should be saved.

Developing the self-discipline early in life to save money has the potential to reap long-term rewards due to the Rule of 72.


Whether leading a team of actors or peers in a student group, leadership is a skill that's learned with practice and experience. There are many nuances to leadership, and having leadership experience early can create more time to practice, but here are four leadership habits to start forming today.


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