12 Reasons Why Selling Knives Is Like Playing Pee Wee Sports

1. Even though it’s a short-term gig, you’ll learn a lot: how to be a team player, how to help others, how to work with others, how to be self-aware.


2. Trophies matter in the moment, but not after they’ve gotten dusty on the shelf.


3. Most people don’t do it forever, don’t go to the pros, and never thought they would do either of those things anyway.


4. You’ll make mistakes and do your best not to repeat them.


5. You won’t score on every drive. In fact, you’ll probably miss more than you’ll score.


6. You’ll have to practice and spend time outside of the game preparing.


7. Your parents will probably yell from the sidelines about how to do it better, even though they’ve never played.


8. You’ll do something that you’ve never done before. You’ll be a combination of nervous, scared, and excited until you get the hang of it.


9. You might know a few people on the team. You’ll definitely make a lot of new friends, and you’ll have more fun than you thought you would.


10. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.


11. At times it will be SO MUCH FUN and at times it will be SO FREAKING HARD.


12. Years after you’ve stopped, you’ll look back and be glad you did it.