Think Only Students Sell CUTCO? Think Again.

Think only college students sell CUTCO? Think again. There are professionals selling CUTCO as their career – paying the mortgage and sending kids to college all on a Vector income. I am one of them.

Here’s my story:

It was 1992, I was 45 and out of work after quitting my family restaurant business. I needed a job but “sales” was at the bottom of my list; it just didn’t fit me. I sat in self-pity for over a month. 
At the same time, my 19-year-old daughter took this “crazy knife selling” job for the summer, which I objected to her doing. After a couple weeks she showed us CUTCO. Guess who was the most impressed? ME!

Two weeks later I attended a Vector Parents Conference in Des Moines with my wife and daughter. While they were chatting in the front seat of the car, I started to read her training manual and thought, “I could do this!”

At the conference, I was one of the oldest parents there. I had the pleasure of hearing a wrap-up speech by the late Vice President of CUTCO, Marty Domitrovich. I was inspired watching the young people receive trophies for their summer sales success! I did the math and I figured if a young person could sell that much in a summer, I could do it full-time, year-round and make more than what I was making as a manager in my own restaurant. 
The next day, I applied and the rest is history.

What did it do for me? It changed my life. Immediately, it improved my staggered and bruised self-worth. I was being recognized for my performance in ways I never expected and it gave me a chance to use my creative, fun side. It didn’t seem like a job. It wasn’t easy, but it gave me a greater sense of self-value.

The income came as a great by-product for helping people improve the drudgery that existed in their kitchen, so I knew I was helping people improve their lives.
My wife and I have traveled the world, gone to places we never thought we could go to and did it with some amazing people like us, other CUTCO reps.

Many of my best friendships developed because of CUTCO. I’m proud to sell The World’s Finest Cutlery, because it truly is the best. But most importantly, it now allows us the financial flexibility to give to needy charities and save for our future retirement. We’ve been lucky enough to be able to sponsor two children – one in Haiti and one in El Salvador, both for the past 10 years. My wife and I both feel blessed to be a small part of such a great company that really CARES, as we really care to give back too.