At no other time of year do you see people with a similar focus than now – the start of a new year. The distractions of the holidays are left behind, and we turn the page on a new chapter in our lives. It is a time of introspection and reflection about what we want for ourselves in the upcoming year.

Our thoughts are focused on our desire for ourselves rather than on taking care of others. We finally give ourselves permission to look inward. One such question we ponder is, “what is my purpose?”

To answer that question, you can look to cues from within. What energizes you? What drains you? The clues to your purpose exist in the things that energize you. It’s those things that come to you naturally and feel effortless.

Look to those energizing areas in your life for your purpose. Your purpose is unique to you. It’s the gift that you have to offer to the world, wrapped in your own beautiful package with your signature on it. You can bring this energy to a variety of activities by looking for the purpose within.

Just choose an activity and practice asking yourself the question, “What is my purpose here?” You will find that a specific purpose will lead you to a general one. For example, before calling a customer, you may ask, “What is my purpose?” Initially, you may think it is to get an appointment, but besides getting an appointment, what else do you want in your experience?

Perhaps you want the customer to feel your enthusiasm about CUTCO. Perhaps you want to get to know the customer so that you can understand her needs prior to showing her the product. These specific desires lead you to a general purpose.

In this case, your general purpose may be to bring joy to people. Does sitting in front of people and sharing your joy energize you? If your purpose is to bring joy to people, start with yourself first and ask how you can bring joy to your own world. In being more joyful in your own life, you will naturally bring more joy to others.

That may be your life’s purpose. My experience with Vector allowed me to explore my life’s purpose. Vector provided me with the opportunity to start my leadership-coaching career. I found that if I ask my clients the right questions, they uncover their unique purpose within themselves. It’s a very empowering way to live. I believe that within each person exists greatness and my purpose is to allow each person to discover and uncover that greatness. I absolutely love living on purpose.