Confidence Can Be Developed with the Right Opportunity

confidence in giving a speech

I remember high school very well; those moments stepping over the cracks in the floor, being scared to give my speech in Public Speaking class, and making myself almost invisible in the back corner of the room. People knew who I was, yet I had few true friends.

I’ve always been a hard-worker; someone who always had their homework done and paid attention in class. But I rarely participated. My self-confidence was low and I didn’t know how to change that so I sat back and let life give me jab after jab without throwing any punches back.

Once I graduated and went to college, I was determined to change. For a couple years, that didn’t happen. I was as shy and unconfident as I was in high school. Then I discovered Vector Marketing.

The position was supposed to be a summer job. That’s it. I didn’t want to be flipping burgers, but I also couldn’t see myself in sales – after all, who likes a salesperson?

It was my only option that summer: sell knives. Now as a 20 year old college guy, I didn’t see a use in cutlery and I didn’t think anyone else would buy something of higher-quality with the economy going south, but I needed some cash and this was the best option.

I soon found out, Vector wasn’t stereotypical. It wasn’t high-pressure. It wasn’t forceful. I was actually – dare I say it? – FUN! By the time the summer was over, I started to realize changes within myself. I’m sure those around me saw them long before I did; however, I was more confident.

I could talk to strangers with ease. I could sell – not just Cutco – but something (or should I say someone?) more important: myself. I made new friends and met new people, and the best part was they weren’t surface-level relationships. These were caring people that raised my expectations for myself and pushed me to grow into a better person. These relationships were deep and meaningful.

Eventually, I requested to speak in front of groups of 100+ people. My confidence was growing and what others were scared of doing, I embraced and looked forward to.

Without Vector Marketing, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.