No More Punchin’ The Clock

Punch in at 9:00AM. Work harder than most. Punch out at 5:00PM. Get the same paycheck as co-workers who contributed far less in the workplace. Don’t you just hate that? That was my reality before Vector Marketing. Now, I have the opportunity to choose my hours and control the size of my paycheck because with Vector, the harder I work, the more money I can make! Plus, advancing with this company isn’t about seniority. Advancement is based upon my individual success. If I’m successful, I’ll advance, regardless of how long (or how briefly) I’ve been working with the company. Seems too good to be true, right? What 18-year-old has this type of professional freedom? I didn’t believe it right away either until my friends finally convinced me to go in for an interview this past July. Now, I enjoy being able to set my own appointment times. It makes it easy to work around other family and social commitments. Calling off of work and finding people to cover my shifts at my other jobs was a big hassle, but with Vector, I call the shots about my own schedule. The big selling point for me was the fact that my effort would actually make a difference in my income. It didn’t matter how well I dried cars or how fast I could make a pizza, my paychecks were always the same. But selling CUTCO, the harder I work, the more I earn. I’m financially independent as a college freshman. My friends envy me and ask how it’s possible; my simple reply is Vector Marketing. I’ve also gained a lot on a personal level. I’ve learned how to work well with customers and truly care about getting them the best products for their homes. I enjoy connecting with my customers and holding conversations with them. Thanks to Vector, I’m confident that I could walk up to complete strangers and start a conversation! (No doubt, a vital skill as I start my first year of college!) I have also learned that the harder I work, the more advancement opportunities Vector offers. It’s unlike anything else out there. I’m already on my way toward advancement with the company. I enjoy standing out from the crowd and going above and beyond expectations and Vector recognizes me for doing so. The experience I’ve gained and the personal growth I’ve experience as a result of my work with Vector can’t be replicated. Oh yeah, it’s fun too!