How Green is Your Grass?

The new generation entering the workforce is not afraid to move on to something that could be better. They aren’t afraid to change majors three times before finally graduating; they aren’t afraid of moving from one job to another; or even switching careers. That is ok.

In fact, it can be good for both them and their school or employer because they are bringing fresh eyes and knowledge to their situation, often with an interesting background that can improve their work. It is also good never to be satisfied. This generation does not want to tolerate the mediocre. They thirst and strive for excellence.

However, something that this willingness for change calls attention to is the mentality that “the grass is always greener on the other side”. This mentality is something that I have seen not only in the younger generation but also in everyone.

But one thing is true: you cannot sell your house, move in to your neighbor’s and expect the grass to remain greener. More often than not, the reason your neighbor’s grass was greener is because THEY TOOK CARE OF IT.

There is nothing wrong with change. But changing your surroundings and expecting life to be better without changing what you do in those surroundings only helps in the short term. If you want to be successful, don’t be afraid to try new things; but when you try those new things, actually work at them.

Water your lawn: give your life the nutrients that it needs to be successful. Read books, talk to leaders, and learn from others. Continue to grow by continuing to feed your need to grow.

Mow your grass. Do the work that it takes to be successful. Don’t just sit there and expect everything to be handed to you. You have the skills that it takes to be successful. You just need to use them.

Allow the sun to shine. Enjoy where you are NOW. Don’t spend your whole life waiting for everything to go well later. Enjoy when life is going well NOW.

It’s OK to compare your lawn to your neighbors. Just remember that a lot of work goes in to making that lawn green.