How to Manage Your Time as a College Student

With everyone going back to school – or already there – we posted a request on our Facebook page of our college students for their best tips on how they manage their time. Here is some great advice for anyone who wants to get better at time management:

“Do your schoolwork during normal school hours from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. Then do all your fun stuff later. When you prioritize school first, you feel much better about doing fun.”Josh Thayer

“Always plan ahead and make sure you know where to go and how you will get there.”Ysidro Rivera III

“Plan our your 168 hours you’re given each week on Sunday. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”Kevin Elbert

“Buy a planner, and plan the whole semester once you have your syllabus.”John Roach

“Schedule your classes and remember you can always wake up early or stay up late for appointments.”Kris Uy

“Do demos during the weekend, and do all your school commitments during the week.”Andrew Bauer

“Got this from Jon Berghoff: “Tetris” your schedule. Put something in EVERY spot on your calendar, even if it’s sleep, or hanging out, or studying, or eating. It’s so much harder to procrastinate when you know that putting something off even for an hour encroaches on other time to spend with friends, eat or relax.”Liz DiMascio

“I put all my projects and deadlines in my schedule as well as class time. I also bring my calendar with me to class, and log my homework there too.”T.C. Smith

“Just make a schedule and keep it. It eliminates surprises and allows you to plan ahead for everything so you don’t get overwhelmed.”Ronald Rivas

“Plan everything in windows. Makes life so much easier and productive.”Lara Larsson

“Actually do your homework when you know you’re supposed to do it.”Isaac Cervantes

“Use a planner, pay attention to it and use a pencil when you write in it.”Rob Frederick

Thank you to all who participated and shared thoughts about how you best manage your schedule.