Students Working at Vector Marketing Return to School With New Skills

WILMINGTON, DE--(Oct 3, 2011) - Despite the still sluggish economy, and particularly the difficulties of college students in finding jobs this summer, savvy students who spent their summer vacation working for Vector Marketing Corporation will return to school this fall with not only extra cash in their pockets, but also valuable business skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Vector Marketing Corporation is the direct marketing division of Cutco Cutlery Corporation, the largest manufacturer and single-level direct seller of high end kitchen cutlery in North America.

Vector Marketing's locations this past summer included hundreds of offices throughout North America. Whether they were in Missoula, MO or Melbourne, FL, students who sold Cutco learned a wide range of skills that will give them an advantage as they enrich a post-graduate resume or pursue other careers upon graduation, including:

  • Making presentations
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service skills
  • Closing techniques
  • Generating sales leads

"While we recognize that the economy was not great in many parts of the country, in Vector Marketing's locations, the economy did not seem to be a determining factor," said Sarah Baker Andrus, director of external relations & academic programs for Vector Marketing Corporation. "In fact, with the economy the way it is, students are more willing to step out of the traditional summer job box and explore other options, such as direct sales. They are recognizing that working as an independent contractor at Vector Marketing can provide them with opportunities that are not available at a traditional job, such as flexibility, the freedom to be their own boss and direct their own work, and financial rewards that are based on their performance, not on an hourly wage."

About Cutco Cutlery and Vector Marketing

Cutco Cutlery, based in Olean, New York, is the largest kitchen cutlery manufacturer in North America. Founded 62 years ago, Cutco sells its products through its sales division, Vector Marketing, which recruits and trains a network of college students throughout Canada and the United States. The company estimates that more than 13 million U.S. households have Cutco products.