Vector Marketing Presents Western Region Sales Excellence Awards

Vector Marketing 2013 Silver Cup Champion for Personal Sales Elite League, Shane Nagel

San Diego, CA – More than 600 hundred sales representatives, managers and parents turned out at Vector Marketing Corporation’s recent Western Region year-end banquet to honor the region’s top sales performers of 2012. The gala event, held January 25 in Los Angeles, recognized those individuals within the region who achieved outstanding levels of sales excellent in 2012. Vector Marketing Corporation is the single-level direct sales division of CUTCO Corporation.

CUTCO, the largest kitchen cutlery manufacturer in North America, sells its products primarily through a national network of college students who sell through in-home personal demonstrations. The 64-year-old company manufactures its cutlery products in the western New York State city of Olean.

The region presented five Silver Cups, Vector Marketing’s highest award for sales achievement. Silver cup winners were:

  • PJ Potter and the Western Region were awarded Vector Marketing’s Region Silver cup. The Western Region achieved yearly sales of $44,295,450, making it the company’s leading sales region of 2012.
  • Wes Goddard and the SOCO Division received the Elite 8 Silver Cup for $5,958,231 in yearly division sales.
  • Joseph Diaz received the Branch Office Silver Cup for 2012 branch office sales of $58,7016.
  • Shane Nagel was awarded the Elite Rep Silver Cup for $266,757 in yearly personal sales.

The Western Region also honored two National Record Breakers:

  • Adam Sobieski was recognized as the November Personal Sales Record Breaker with $69,694 in sales for the month.
  • The Western Region was recognized for record-breaking region sales for the month of December with $2,858,446 in sales for the month.

Adam Sobieski was also honored as a Region Record Breaker for the month of December, with personal sales of $59,352.

PJ Potter, the Western Region Manager, had this to say:

"I am honored to thank every member of the Western Region for their outstanding effort and support to Vector Marketing throughout the past year. I learn something every day from this talented, outstanding group of individuals that, together, make up not just a region within Vector Marketing, but a community. Their individual successes are a result of a larger team success and a commitment to adding value to the lives of those they touch."

Vector sales representatives usually begin as college students. Some move up the ranks as managers while others use the experience as stepping stones to other sales-oriented and entrepreneurial careers. These independent contractors learn a wide range of skills that serve them well with Vector or in other positions. These skills include:

  1. Making presentations
  2. Time management
  3. Teamwork
  4. Working for a commission
  5. Customer service

About Cutco Cutlery Corporation and Vector Marketing

Cutco Cutlery is a 64-year-old company with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Olean, New York. Vector Marketing is the company’s sales division, coordinating all sales for Cutco Cutlery through a national network of college students who sell products through in-home personal demonstrations. More than 15 million US households have a Cutco product.