Vector alumnus, Nathan Langley, fights prescription drug abuse among youth

Nathan Langley, Director of Sales for

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San Diego, CA - In today's economic environment, it's more important than ever that we are developing skills that make us relevant in the workplace. Job related skills as they pertain to specific tasks are unquestionably important. However, one skill that is easily overlooked but is imperative to the development of all of us no matter what our field of choice, is the ability to sell.

A teacher needs to sell his ideas to his students, and do it creatively so the information sticks. A doctor has to sell herself to her patients to earn their trust. Those who choose to serve in non-profits still need to sell their contributors to give their hard earned dollars to their cause versus spending that same dollar somewhere else.

Obviously, entrepreneurs looking to change the world with their perfect idea must have the ability to turn those ideas into action by convincing (selling) people to share in their vision. We are always fired up to hear about people who have worked with us (selling CUTCO® Cutlery), and then follow their dreams.

Nathan Langley sold CUTCO for three years from 2009 to early 2012 and ran a branch office for two summers during his time at California State University-Sacramento.

Today, he is Director of Sales at a startup called, a company that makes prescription pill bottles with a combination lock on the cap.'s mission is to prevent teenage prescription drug abuse and addiction.

We at Vector want to say a public thank you, Nathan, for taking the skills you learned while selling CUTCO® and applying them towards a vision that will help make people's lives better.


The Locking Cap is a combination locking cap for prescription medication bottles and vials. It fits a wide variety of prescription medication bottles. According to their website, The Locking Cap is the solution for safely securing prescription medications. It is small, convenient and more portable than traditional medication "lock boxes".

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