Saint Petersburg College student earns #11 scholarship for sales performance

Fall 2012 #11 Vector Marketing All-American Scholarship Winner, Andrew Logue

Wilmington, DE (February 14, 2013) – Andrew Logue, of St. Petersburg, Florida, has received an All-American Scholarship for his outstanding sales achievement with Vector Marketing, the company that sells Cutco Cutlery. With more than 40,000 sales representatives, Logue ranked #11, for the most recent campaign. He began working with Vector in September of 2012 and won his first scholarship during his first campaign with the company.

The Vector Marketing All-American scholarship program salutes those students who have excelled in their roles as sales representatives, while maintaining the demanding life of a college student. Each year, Vector recognizes its top 100 sales representatives, during three separate scholarship competitions.

Logue is a sophomore engineering student at Saint Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida. He began working with the company after seeing an advertisement on campus. In addition to his continued sales goals, Logue is working toward an assistant manager promotion for the summer of 2013 in Vector’s Clearwater office.

“Winning this scholarship, espeically during my very first campaign with the company, is validation for my efforts. I worked extremely hard – probably harder than I’ve worked on anything else – to earn an All-American scholarship right away. It’s nice to be rewarded for my determination,” says Logue.

About CUTCO Cutlery & Vector Marketing

Vector Marketing Corporation, a subsidiary of CUTCO Corporation headquartered in Olean, NY, is the exclusive marketer of CUTCO® Cutlery and accessories, which are sold directly to consumers via in-home demonstrations. The company has an extensive leadership training and life skills development program in place to encourage its college-student reps to not only succeed with sales of its products but to equip them with the tools and lessons necessary to succeed in life. To view Vector’s All-American Scholarship campaign, visit Work for Students or contact the Academic Programs office at (800) 865-1575.