Be Focused at Vector Marketing

New Jersey Division Manager, Michael Chu, has taught people to sell over $15 Million of CUTCO® Cutlery, and his leadership has been a great example for New Jersey area representatives.

Being a black belt, Michael has thrived in a work environment that fosters his ability to intensely focus on the task at hand.

So far in 2013, the New Jersey Division is #1 in the nation for CUTCO® sales!


“I grew up taking Karate. I've won 10 National Championships in Karate now. That was very rewarding. I was always taught to stay humble, and to always continue to focus and grow myself because there was always someone out there who was better and on any day could beat you.

Through Martial Arts and Karate and Jiu Jitsu, it's an individual sport. You're surrounded by other people but it's totally a self-discipline. That within itself, I think, has allowed me to teach the people I work with but also help myself through the business.

As sales reps, they're out there on their own. Sometimes there are 18, 19, 20 year olds that don't have that self-focus, and I think it's cool to watch them develop that.

I love to teach my reps to have fun, stay focused on the process, stay focused on what they want in the long run and not on the challenges of the short-term. I think that allows them to enjoy the process and have fun doing it and they get better each day.

Even just learning financial skills at a young age. Being able to buy my own home and build wealth at a young age. To stay focused on relationships and creating an awesome family.

What I really look forward to doing is running Karate schools in the future. One of the things that gets me excited, and the skills that I've learned at Vector Marketing will help me run one of the largest Karate organizations in the country.”