Be Secure at Vector Marketing

Kyle Preman has taught people to sell millions of dollars of CUTCO® Cutlery. As a District Manager, Kyle's leadership has been a great example to the people of New England over the past few years.

We caught up with Kyle and he shared with us some thoughts about his Vector Experience.


“I was a triple major at Tufts: bio-medical engineering, bio-psychology, economics as well. I was studying to become a doctor. I wanted to do anesthesiology. I liked the idea of knocking people out for money.

I'd rather work 60 hours a week until I'm 40 than work 40 hours a week until I'm 60.

I always teach my people, in terms of finances, that your habits are much more important than the amount; it doesn't matter. As your income increases the habits remain the same. Some of the habits are like save first spend later. Always pay yourself first. I try to live below my means, which is another habit. I don't think that's really taught very effectively in school either.

It's not the money, necessarily, that drives my performance in Vector or drives anything that I do, but it's just about the security that having your finances in order provide for you to do the things that I really care about. I like spending time with my wife and my future family that I'm going to be having soon. We have our first child on the way.

In many ways I just fell in love with Vector Marketing. I thought it was a really unique atmosphere to be around where people would always be there for you. They'd always have your back. There were so many strong role models and impressive people that seemed like they had it all together.

Vector gives me an outlet where I can generate a substantial amount of income, but also the opportunity to be around people that actually know what to do with that income. They've helped me form the right habits.”